Woof / Hi!

I'm Watson, a bichon-maltese mix living in Venice Beach, California with my mom & dad. I'm super fluffy and love making new friends, especially human ones! 

Mom rescued me in an unconventional way when I was about 4 months old. Mom was talking about how cute small fluffy white dogs per usual, and her coworker Jen mentioned she knew a cute small fluffy white dog that needed rescuing. Her mom was fostering me after she found me on the streets in Riverside. Mom agreed to meet me one week later and try out fostering, but the second I hugged her mom and I became instabffs and have been ever since.

After only about 2 hours of playing with me she named me Watson because my incessant hovering behind her made her think I would be her partner in crime, and the Sherlock Holmes books are her favorites! 

Follow along as my mom and I continue to explore the world together, one wall at a time!

contact us at watsonandwalls@gmail.com