Palm Springs

Two cute pups at The Saguaro in Palm Springs, California | Watson & Walls

Palm Springs is the land of all our favorite things: rainbow colors, cacti, pools & dry heat! The perfect weekend jaunt from Los Angeles. 

Watson in a BMW E30 Convertible on the way to Palm Springs, California | Watson & Walls


Palm Springs is just a short 2 hour drive straight East of Los Angeles, so we normally drive. You can fly into there though!

  • It's pretty simple to drive there, you just take the 10 the whole way. I do have a few tips for the car ride though!

    • Make sure to have water with you and a dish (or squeeze bottle, we love this one). It gets really hot toward Palm Springs!

    • Bring something comfortable for your dog to lay on

    • Invest in some sort of safety device for your trip! This one that Sleepypod makes is great.

    • Make sure there's shade for them - we always travel in a convertible, so we make sure Watson has shade somewhere in the car!

Watson at an Airbnb in an Eames chair Palm Springs, California | Watson & Walls


  • Saguaro (pronounced Sa-wah-roh) - if I were to make and own a hotel, it would look exactly like the Saguaro. RAINBOW. FLIPPING. EVERYWHERE. PEOPLE. Every detail of this hotel is gorgeous and fun, it makes you want to be bright and happy. It’s also dog friendly so a total win-win for us! Pro tip: if you aren’t staying here, you can still hang at the pool for free! [dog friendly]

  • Ace Hotel - it wouldn’t be a Palm Springs list without the Ace on it! This hotel is quintessential Palm Springs, and has this amazing wall I’ve been dying to get. I’ve never stayed here though, we mostly hang for the drinks or the $25 day pool entry fee. [dog friendly]

  • Airbnb - admittedly this is what we do when we go to Palm Springs, even though there are so many great hotel options. It just ends up being more economical for a group, and there are so many AMAZINGLY swanky Airbnbs to choose from. Anything by Acme House Co. is great in particular, here is where we stayed last [dog friendly]

  • The Parker - last but certainly not least is the Parker. You probably want to get married there. Gray Malin has taken lots of photos here (and probably every celebrity honestly) because it’s just so gorgeous. This is another one I admittedly have not been to yet, but everyone recommends. [dog friendly]

Watson in The Saguaro Palm Springs | Watson & Walls


  • Eight4Nine - we end up here almost every time we’re in Palm Springs, because it’s delicious!! Their brunch selection is slightly favorable over dinner, but you can’t go wrong with either. The decor is really funky and they bring out racks to put your purse on, huge plus for me. [dog friendly on the patio]

  • Cheeky’s - BOMB DIGGITY breakfast. Like soooo good. Nurse your hangover here FOR SURE

  • Sherman’s - this Jew loooooves a good Jewish deli. This one really takes the cake. [dog friendly on the patio]

  • I’m going to cheat for a minute..but check out this Eater guide too. Tons of good options here, no sense in me trying to replicate their genius!


Watson in The Saguaro Palm Springs, California | Watson & Walls


  • Koffi - this is the Starbucks of Palm Springs. Everyone who knows anyone goes to Koffi. It’s delicious and they have a wide selection (and many stores in PS!) so you should be a somebody who goes there too ;) [dog friendly on the patio]

  • Ernest Coffee - a new find for us this past trip, we loved Ernest! They offer really large sizes which is supremely necessary when you have been drinking at the pool the entire previous day. Really cool atmosphere, both in the hipness sense and temperature-wise ;).

  • Customs Coffee - honorable mention, as I haven’t been here before, but it looks so cute on Instagram!

  • Truss & Twine - delicious cocktails served here! They’ve got a pretty great food menu too.

  • Bootlegger Tiki - another tiki bar, but absolutely opposite of Toucan’s! Really classy beautiful cocktail bar with a fabulous selection. Escape from reality for while.

  • Toucan’s Tiki Lounge - Tiki bar + Drag show! NEED I SAY MORE?! This place is diveeeeey but in the best kind of way. Expect to get ridiculous here.

  • The Amigo Room at the Ace Hotel - while you could stay at the Ace, you MUST drink at the Ace. The bar is just cool, figuratively and literally. Flop between dipping your toes in the pool and having a frose.

  • RIP to Bar, which was always one of my favorites but recently closed :(

Watson with his pup squad for Christmas in July at the pool in Palm Springs, California | Watson & Walls


  • Find a pool and stay there - especially publishing this in summer (which is honestly my favorite time to go, so hot), most of what you’ll be doing in Palm Springs is hanging in a pool. I don’t even know what people really do in the day in Palm Springs, since I’m always by a pool. The best part is there are SO MANY to choose from. Almost every Airbnb comes with one, and then the Saguaro is free, and the Ace is $25/day. They have amazing tunes blasting at the Saguaro on weekends, and you can order tacos to the pool. Need I say more? [dog friendly - depending]

  • Moorten Botanical Garden - literal cactus and succulent heaven. Definitely worth the stop here! Sadly no puppies allowed though :(

  • Aerial Tramway - the best way to see the city! It’s pretty cheap and a quick ride, then you’re on top of the mountains. The craziest part is the weather change, it is MUCH colder up top. There are some restaurants and hiking trails once you get up top. [service dog friendly - please be honest!]

  • Salvation Mountain - it’s kind of like a natural mural! Salvation Mountain which is about an hour outside of Palm Springs is a must stop. Painted rocks in all sorts of colors and symbols, perfect for the gram. [dog friendly]

  • Visit the dinosaur - this won’t take you long, but it’s worth stopping at the big dinosaur in Palm Springs for some pictures! Practice patience though, there will be lots of people with the same idea. [dog friendly]

  • Hike - if you haven’t melted, there’s actually a lot of great hiking in Palm Springs! If you have a pup with you make sure to go EARLY and probably not at all between May and October hahaha [dog friendly]

  • Vintage shopping, anywhere - so so so many good stops in Palm Springs! You can’t go wrong. Find yourself some vintage gold for really cheap on this list.

Dog squad at the pool in Palm Springs, California | Watson & Walls


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