Dog-friendly Weekend in Sedona

Devil's Bridge in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls

Our first time in Sedona was a BLAST! I can totally see why people retire here.

The entire town is surrounded by gorgeous red rock cliffs as far as the eye can see. The town is so quaint it even has a color ordinance, where every building has to fit in (which resulted in a TEAL ARCH McDonalds!!).

Filled with lovely hiking spots and healthy brunch food, it’s really the perfect little getaway weekend! Read on for our dog-friendly favorites below:

Watson in a striped shirt at the Kimpton Amara Spa Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls


  • The Kimpton Amara - literally OBSESSED with this hotel!!! We had the nicest stay. Let me just do a quick run down of amenities ;) (jk, strap in, there are a lot):

    • They offer free happy hour from 5-6pm daily, with a white wine, red wine and cocktail of the day unlimited within the hour. There’s also a chef’s bite from the restaurant.

    • Every morning from 730-10am there’s free coffee and hot cocoa.

    • There’s a gorgeous heated infinity pool outside and hot tub.

    • Outdoor lounge area with fire pits and water features.

    • Free yoga at 745 and 845am daily in the spa.

    • Fruit infused water everywhere, always.

    • Free shuttle service to town.

    • Walkable to the main strip

    • SUPER SUPER UPER DUPER dog friendly!!! Our room had a comfy dog bed and two dishes when we arrived. They also gave us a gorgeous cheese plate and bottle of wine for Watson’s stay. The Kimpton offers to walk and watch your dog while you’re out for the day!

Watson in his included bed at the Kimpton Amara Spa Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls

Watson at Creekside Cafe with the dog menu Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls


  • Chocolatree - definitely our favorite stop of the trip! All vegetarian food, where they make almost everything on the menu themselves from the tortilla to the hot sauce. Absolutely each dish we got was soooo delicious. We split the Green Goddess Salad and an Enchilada. They also have really good looking teas and interesting coffee drinks - like a mushroom latte! [dog friendly patio]

  • Wildflower - we dubbed this the Upscale Panera Bread of Sedona and I mean that to be a huge compliment! Wildflower makes their own bread, making their sandwiches top notch. They’ve also got an extensive salad menu. My favorite part was the chocolate chip cookies (shocker). [dog friendly patio]

  • Momo’s Kitchen - Momo’s is a very unassuming food truck in the parking lot behind a strip mall, but boy is it GOOD. I devoured my beef bowl. They have a very limited menu but it’s so worth the trek. They’ve got some picnic tables outside and benches inside to sit with your dog and eat. [dog friendly]

  • The Hudson - delicious American food with a comfy, lounge setting. We really enjoyed our food here, especially the mushroom toast!

  • Pisa Lisa - Chef Lisa Dahl owns several restaurants in Sedona and they’re all fabulous. Our favorite was actually Pisa Lisa though! Really delicious Italian style pizza and fabulous salads (read: burrata).

  • Elote - this is supposedly the best restaurant there, but we messed up and couldn’t go as they aren't open Sunday or Monday!! Will report back next time [[cry cry]]

Watson by a sunflower mural at dog-friendly restaurant Momo's Kitchen in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls

Having a smoothie at Local Juicery in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls


  • Creekside Coffee - dog friendly coffee shop - dog friendly INSIDE AND OUT :) - with the cutest indoor decor!! It feels like a very cozy, local environment when you’re there. Creekside has really good food too and is right across the street from the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. They have a restaurant in the same complex if you’re still hungry after! [dog friendly]

  • Local Juicery - OH EM GEE MOST FAVORITE SPOT WARNING!!!! We went back here twice, that’s how amazing Local Juicery is. I love the font on all their packaging and the store’s design was really calming. Their selection of homemade mylks and smoothies were to die for, and they had really amazing avo toast too!! Honestly can’t recommend this place enough. [dog friendly patio]

  • Admittedly, I didn’t go to a single bar on our trip to Sedona! They have an interesting ordinance about all light being off by 10pm, as to not contribute to light pollution, so the town shuts down pretty early. I’ve heard great things about the Cowboy Club though (especially the Pricky Pear margarita), and we loved drinking at Salt Rock right at the Kimpton Amara!

Hiking on Devil's Bridge in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls


  • Hike!!! That is what Sedona is known for, and it’s for a good reason. We only did two hikes while we were there but there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. [dog friendly]

    • Devil’s Bridge - this is one of the most popular hikes in Sedona, because it’s pretty moderate for the most part and GORGEOUS! The first 3/4 of the way is mainly a dirt path, and then you start bouldering up to the bridge. There will probably be a short line to wait for your own shot on the bridge, but it’s so worth it!

    • Airport Mesa - recommended by our Kimpton concierge, we loved this hike! You drive most of the way up to this mesa, then once you’re there you walk in a 3.5mi circle to get 360degree views of Sedona. Breathtaking views the entire way around! It’s not very strenuous but you are high up, so don’t forget water.

    • A few other dog-friendly hiking options:

      • Soldier's Pass - 4 miles, really popular so will be busy but also popular for a reason

      • Huckaby Trail - 5 miles to a creek! (2.5 to the creek, it's an out and back)

      • Wilson Canyon - 3 miles with some water features and maybe flowers in bloom

Watson on the Devil's Bridge hike in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls
Watson on the Devil's Bridge hike in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls
Watson on the Airport Mesa hike in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls
  • Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village - big shopping area that's dog friendly! Beautiful tile everywhere, and that Southwestern style architecture from head to toe. It was pretty cold when we were there so we didn’t hit up every store, but this area is definitely worth a visit to! [dog friendly]

  • Pink Jeep tours - holy moly this was fun! I used to own a Jeep but this tour takes Jeeping to another level. The fleet of Pink Jeeps are open air and built to fit 8 passengers in the back. A knowledgeable tour guide drives you through the rocky Sedona land and gives you a history lesson and incredible photos (I mean check out these jumping bad boys!). Making the Jeeps pink was such an iconic, genius business choice - you can’t avoid them around town!

Panorama of Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls
Best friends on red rocks on the Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross - last but not least, a Church built into the middle of rocks! We loved stopping by to check this place out. It’s really enormous and beautiful in person. There are tour guides in little golf carts that will take you up to the top if you don’t want to walk, and then you get a little background on the monument! [dog friendly outside the church]

Watson at the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls
Watson at the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls
Watson at the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, AZ | Watson & Walls


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