• Saturday we ventured into Boulder for the day which is my fave and it seems like there's never enough time there. Especially since I took 2 hours to get my hair done by the best stylist ever AnnMarie of Colours. Yes I have lived in LA for 10 years and yes I still go to my mom's hair stylist back in Boulder :). Here's a round up of my must do's in Boulder:


  • Snooze - Everyone goes apesh*t for Snooze there, although it's not my fave (admittedly LA does brunch so good I think I'm tainted)
  • The Kitchen - my favorite restaurant in Boulder (now also with a Denver location!) by far, I love going here for brunch, lunch or dinner. Farm to table fare with a great atmosphere including community tables and community nights where everyone eats together family style
  • Salt - next door to the Kitchen this salt themed restaurant has bomb cocktails and even better food. Everything made with tons guessed it: salt. You even get a menu of all their salts to concoct a cocktail from!
  • Snarf's - best. sandwiches. ever. Sorry Potbelly (which is my #2), Snarf's has you beat. And for those who this matters to, Bernie Sanders ate there on his last Boulder visit :)
  • The Med - this is my back up to The Kitchen, my fave Mediterranean food with an outdoor patio and you can normally find parking nearby which is a plus for me
  • Leaf - delicious vegetarian food with an extensive tea list
  • Illegal Pete's - the Chipotle of Boulder (and is widely preferred over Chipotle there)
  • Not in Boulder but honorary mention of The Huckleberry - in Louisville maybe 15 mins East of Boulder. Adorable little tea house with great hummus, salads and brunch. 
  • Bova's for frozen custard. I've never had anything else there, but it's damn good frozen custard
  • Pizzeria Locale in Boulder - prosciutto and corn pizza is not to be missed
  • Beau Jo's (all over) famous for their mountain pie pizza which is like deep dish but totally different. They give you honey on the table to drizzle over your leftover crust. Amaze balls.
  • Lucky Pie in Denver and Louisville - another amazing prosciutto pizza and if you go to the one in Louisville you're right next to the best ice cream Sweet Cow

  • The Cup for coffee or chai tea lattes - I LIVED here the summer I spent in Colorado. Their nut milk and coffee is amazing, but even better is their chai. They offer two types of chai - 3rd street and Bhakti - where the former is sweeter and the latter is spicier. You normally only get one option of chai and you never know what you're going to get, whereas the Cup has been offering these two options for as long as I've known and they do it better than anyone else. This could also go on the "to eat' list because they have amazing bagel sandwiches ;)
  • Mountain Sun - I love this spot right on Pearl Street! Really unassuming looking brewery with a bomb Java Porter (this coming from a Hef girl). Definitely on the small side but worth the stop for a tasting flight
  • Avery Brewery - I'm sure you've seen beer from Avery around, it's fantastic. And their brewery is legit with tours, lots of amazing beer to try in the tap room and an outdoor patio
  • Oskar Blues - Last brewery on the list and the one I have the fondest memories of because I went there with Rahim (boyfriend), Becky (bestie), Scott (friend who we visited in Japan) and my family after we went skydiving! The tour is really fun and they have tons of great beer and an outdoor patio to drink it on.
  • Admittedly I don't go to bars in Boulder a lot, mostly Denver! Oops :)

    Chautauqua!! - tons of hiking paths, dog friendly and always beautiful! You can choose an easy, medium or hard hike depending on how you're feeling. Love this spot 
  • Walk along the path or tube down the Boulder Creek - nice little creek going through most of Boulder with a gentle walking path beside it. When the weather is nice you can rent a tube (we always go here) and tube down there, it's a mix between a lazy river and a level 1 rafting experience so pretty mellow. Although Rahim and Scott once tricked Becky and I into tubing down it in thunder and lightening (with rain too of course) and that was pretty wild. Unpleasant at the time, great story now :)
  • Shop! Pearl Street is lined with tons of amazing places but my favorites are: