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Always wondered how Watson stays so stylish and cute?
Here's a list of our favorite brands - from ones we've pawtnered with, to ones we aspire to.


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Special shout out to:

We have never felt cooler than to be at the Benji Netflix movie premiere. We were Sushi's guest of honor (with our best bro, Arne). There was a green carpet with full step + repeat, a dog house to pose with and a make-your-own dog tag station. Oh and LOTS OF FOOD & DRANKZZ. The movie was quite good too - we laughed, cried and really enjoyed it. Highlight of the night was definitely meeting Norbert and The Dogist! #netflixandwoof

Dog Mom & Pup Grooming

Healthy Spot

Healthy Spot is solely responsible for making Watson look as fabulous and fluffy as ever! We really love all of the groomers at the Marina Del Rey location, but for a bichon highly recommend Michael, Jordan or Eric.

Olive & June

We swear by Olive & June for all things nails. This place is pure heaven for both of us. They pamper Watson like crazy while humom gets her Chrissy Half Moon Mani (or nail art). You must try the teas when you're there too!


We'll never be able to thank Clem enough for wining us a contest where we got a ton of Dexas products. The foot bath has become a staple on our counter during the rainy season, as it makes washing off dirty paws so much easier!

Outfits & Accessories

Ripley + Rue

Our famous "Watson" bandana is from Ripley + Rue and we seriously couldn't love their bandanas more. They've got the cutest colors and patterns to choose from!

Bark YYC

You'll see Watson in Bark bandanas a lot, because we LOVE them!! So many adorable pattern options, our favorite is clearly the palm leaf bandana though. The infamous millennial pink dog mom mug is also from here!


It's always fun when a brand you already love reaches out to pawtner! We found Wildebeest on a trip to SF (before Watson & Walls was even a thing!) in a coffee shop that had a little store inside. We instantly fell in love because they offer bandanas that are ALSO collars - so a spot for your tags, and a quick-release clasp! Since that first bandana collar combo, we've purchased 2 more as additional colors have come out, and another new one is on the way.

Pssst: if you're shopping at Wildebeest, use the code WATSON 15 for 15% off your order!!

Watson with Fashionable Friendship Collar and La Croix | Watson & Walls

Fashionable Friendship Collar

As you can tell from our feed, we looooove to twin. Twinning is winning you know.

That's why we looooove Fashionable Friendship Collar! Gorgeous collars for your dog, and then you get a matching bracelet for yourself.

No better way to be matchy matchy. 

Bad Tags

Bad Tags has the FUNNIEST dog tags, hands down!! We owns "the snuggle is real" and "chicks dig my fluff" with name and human phone number on the back. 


Dynotag is a really cool way to store all of your pet's info and make it easily accessible if they ever get lost. There's a QR code on the back that a person can scan to get all of your info - including vet number and any relevant medical info! - and return the dog to you safely. They also come in really cute emoji options, so stylish & functional!

Pipolli Pet Supply

It's no surprise that when one of your fave accounts (Piggy & Polly) starts an accessory line (Pipolli), that line becomes your fave accessories too! From the bow leashes & collars to our literally perfect palm frond bed, you can't go wrong at this shop! 

Knox Dogwear

Seersucker bowties!! Need I say more?

Pssst: if you're shopping at Knox Dogwear, use the code WATSON 20 for 20% off your order!!


This was one of the first brands we fell in love with on Instagram. We own a little bit of everything that Waggo makes: their classic snuggler striped bed, dipped treat jar and cactus toy (thank you for that, Fezzik!). Clearly we cannot recommend their products enough!!

Finn + Me Collection

If you want really chic dog accessories, we high recommend Finn + Me! Their owner draws the cutest doodles of dogs too. We haven't purchased anything ourselves yet, but have a long wish list!


Rororiri is one of our favorite stores for elegant & preppy dog attire! Rosie the mascot looks so much like Watson and every outfit on her is just so adorable. They specialize in cardigans and fringe bandanas. There's a brick + mortar store in SF but we haven't been yet.

Bali Paws

Cute brand and for a great cause? Sign us up! Otis introduced us to Bali Paws and we love their stuff, plus a portion of every product purchased goes toward Mission Pawsible which helps dogs in Bali. All of their products give us total tropical beach vibes!


Two of our favorite things are shoes and yappy hours, and GREATS decided to combine those for us a few weeks ago! They've got a brand new store on Abbot Kinney full of gorgeous shoes and to christen it they invited me and the whole dog squad to come hang out. Even better yet, they pawtnered with BarkShop to provide goodie bags for all of us. We will definitely be back here again!

Haus of Hound



Last but not least, our first brand we ever collaborated with, Haus of Hound! That rainbow leash really made us instafamous. They're about to restart the brand again which we're so excited about!


Meat Mates


Watson is a suuuuper picky eater - totally a not food-oriented dog (unless it's a bully stick). Enter MEAT MATES! Delicious freeze dried meat that's meant to be placed on top of dog food. And all natural grain-free ingredients, so good for us. No more begging Watson to eat before work, he happily enjoys his food now!

Pssst: if you're shopping at Meat Mates, use the code REALMEAT for 50% off your order!!

Ziwi Peak

As mentioned in our FAQ, we are pretty sure that Ziwi Peak is responsible for Watson's lack of tear stains these days! Switching to a grain-free diet was right for us, and Watson loves the taste of Ziwi Peak (especially the Lamb version). 



We loved our stay at the Kimpton Goodland Santa Barbara last year, and the Kimpton Palomar San Diego this year! We absolutely plan to stay at more Kimptons. They take "dog-friendly" to the next level, really accommodating the pups. 


We've talked about this before in our travel guides, but Sleepypod is the best!! We've been using ours for 4+ years now and never had any problems. Watson is very comfortable and happy in his Sleepypod!


Humom was first introduced to Away at a Create & Cultivate pop-up (highly recommend those too, if you're a human), and has never looked back. We rely on this bag for every trip, it's really perfect! Trips that humom used to check bags she can now carry on, which is literally a miracle. We've convinced several other people to buy them now at this point and nobody has regretted it (including skeptical Uncle Kevin!).


Watson passing Obedience 2!

Zoom Room

If you live in LA, you must train your dog at the Zoom Room! We personally go to the one in Culver City, but surely they're all good. Zoom Room has done a tremendous job getting Watson to be better in high stress situations (i.e. dogs fighting across the street) and in general way less aggressive toward dogs on our walks. Extra bonus: their group classes are drop in so you don't have to commit to an X week time span, you just drop into one of the classes of your level that week! Thank you Bart for the suggestion to go here.


<---- PS: I swear Watson normally looks much happier here than he does in this photo!!