Culver City

W&W Angry Birds mural in Culver City, CA
W&W Map of Culver City

Culver City will surprise you! It's pretty far East for the Westside, but in the past few years it's completely exploded in terms of restaurants, shops and bars. There used to be just a little pocket of activity by Main Street, but with the addition of the metro stop there's now the Platform & Helms Bakery area within walking distance.

I've recently been frequenting the Platform area a lot which has a SoulCycle, Blue Bottle Coffee (my fave!), Van Leeuwen ice cream and some of the best tacos in town at Loqui. You absolutely must try the tacos if you're there - they make their own tortillas by hand and have incredible flavoring to their chicken and mushrooms. In addition to the edibles, there are also a ton of small shops there including Poketo.