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FAQ - frequently (and fluffy) asked questions

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How did you & your mom meet?

Mom rescued me in an unconventional way when I was about 4 months old.

Mom was talking about how cute small fluffy white dogs per usual, and her coworker Jen mentioned she knew a cute small fluffy white dog that needed rescuing. Her mom was fostering me after she found me on the streets in Riverside. Mom agreed to meet me one week later and try out fostering, but the second I hugged her mom and I became instabffs and have been ever since.

After only about 2 hours of playing with me she named me Watson because my incessant hovering behind her made her think I would be her partner in crime, and the Sherlock Holmes books are her favorites! 

How do you find all those walls?!

First off, we LOVE murals & walls. They're our jam. So you best believe we spend a lot of time lookin' at em!

We have 3 main ways of finding new walls:

  1. Driving / dog-walking around LA - you'll be surprised how many you'll find if you just look!

  2. Follow some of our favorite wall hunters - you must follow Rosie Clayton, Jenn Lake, Impermanent Art and of course our favorite Woof & Walls.

  3. Follow our favorite artists! - the more you wall hunt, the more artists you become acquainted with. I honestly can't even pick my favorite artists to share here because I love them all, but special shout out to Ruben Rojas whose work I love, and who I've meet in person several times now :).

How do you pose so well?


Do you do work for free? No, so why would I?! I require lots of treats, although mom breaks them up into small pieces so I don't get fat ;).

Other than treats, we always make sure to go on a walk (10 mins + ) before shooting by any walls, because if I haven't pooped I am NOT going to smile.

Also bringing toys helps too, especially ones that squeak.

What's your grooming routine?

I swear we tried everything, but mom finally got the right food mix last year! Ziwi Peak is the main food, and then only grain-free treats are allowed in the house. I also get bottled Spring water to drink, but not sure how much that does ;). 

How did you get rid of tear stains?

This is the most surprising fact for people to learn: I only weigh 10 lbs. Yep that's right, I am TINY. It's the maltese part of my mix. I just have a real lot of floof so I look bigger! You should see me wet, hahaha.

How big are you?