Grooming Routine

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Grooming Routine

Always wondered how Watson is always so perfectly coiffed? Read on for all our grooming tips & tricks!

Watson at Healthy Spot | Watson and Walls


Here’s a rundown of the products we use:

  • Watson is brushed with this comb! A comb works for Watson’s bichon-maltese mix hair, but I recommend chatting with your groomer about what works best for your pooch!

  • We swear by Earth Bath Wipes for wiping Watson’s paws. Los Angeles streets are dirtyyyy and we have a light gray couch - so these wipes are used basically daily in our house! I’ll use them to remove eye gunk as well (they have eye-specific ones if you need).

  • For at home baths, we are longtime users of Blueberry Facial Shampoo! It really brightens up the whiteness in Watson’s fur, especially around the eyes. Night and day difference!

  • When it’s raining, we swear by the Dexas Mudbuster. This thing is GENIUS. You put a little bit of clean water in the bottom, and one at a time you dip your dog’s paws into the Mudbuster. Just keep a towel by you to towel off the feet after!

Step 1: Proactive Measures

Before the dreaded shaving incident of 2013 (see below), I didn’t really keep up with Watson’s grooming outside of taking him to the groomer’s every 6 weeks. This was okay if Watson wasn’t really active, but weeks when he went to daycare or the dog park he would get really matted. He’s got a very full life, so proactive measures are necessary.

What I mean by that is being consistent. Watson is brushed every day, which may seem excessive, but it means each daily brushing is shorter and less painful than a big one would be. Plus consistency and routine makes dogs happy! While Watson does not like to be brushed, he really doesn’t hate it and rarely fights against me, because he’s used to it (and knows treats are coming ;))!

Step 2: Fur / Hair Brushing

Watson well groomed at home | Watson & Walls

Watson is brushed with this comb comb every single morning. Sometimes even in the evening as well!

I start with the back and hind legs (easiest and least painful) then flip him over onto his belly to get his armpits and front legs. Next I brush his hair from neck to top of head and both ears towards his tail, then I do the same pattern but brushing toward myself. Last but not least, one quick pass at the tail and an Earth Bath Wipe under the eyes and on the paws.

Treats, positive affirmations and belly rubs are applied liberally ;).

Not fun but very important topic!

Every morning after step 2, Watson gets an Indigenous dental bone (well half of one since he’s small). He likes bacon flavor :). These are basically organic greenies that are easier to break down so your dog won’t choke on the bone.

Then once a week* (*ish - it’s hard okay!!) I brush Watson’s teeth with actual toothpaste. We got this brand from our vet. Watson prefers my fingers rather than a brush, but I’m sure a brush would do a better job. It’s better for me to retain my fingers though, haha!

Step 3: Teeth Brushing

Now for the hard part - weekly baths. Watson looks so scraggly and light gray by the end of the week that this is necessary! He lives a full and happy life, hehe.

We use the Blueberry Facial Shampoo listed above at home in the tub, scrub scrub scrub and towel dry. Then I use my regular blowdryer to dry him on low heat and medium level of air pressure, brushing while blowing (yes he literally gets a blowout). I take frequent breaks for treats, belly rubs, and some cool air. I wish I had a blowdryer stand, because he gets especially squirmy during the paws and head ;). From start to finish this process takes me 30 minutes.

Step 4: Weekly Baths

Last but not least, the professionals come in.

Once a month, I go to Healthy Spot Marina del Rey for Watson’s grooming session. If you prebook a month in advance you get $5 off ;). We swear by Michael and Marisol, and Jordan who has since moved to the Playa Vista location! Everyone is great though.

During the winter months I rotate between hair cut vs. just bath every other month, and in the summer he gets a cut every month. I add on nail grinding every other month as well.

We request a traditional bichon haircut without the “crest” - that’s the puffy neck part. My dear friend Bowie rocks it.

Step 5: Monthly Healthy Spot Groom Sessions

BONUS: When it rains

The Dexas Mudbuster product came to us by pure happenstance: we won a contest by our dear friend @darling_clem entering and winning for the BOTH of us. I could not be happier about this situation though!

We keep it by the door when it rains with a towel, so before Watson even sets foot in the house, his paws are being washed. Can’t recommend this product enough!

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