Mar Vista Guide

Watson's dog-friendly guide on where to eat, drink, shop and what to do in the fun & hip Arts District area of Downtown Los Angeles. 

Mar Vista

Watson at the Mar Vista Farmers Market | Watson & Walls

Mar Vista is a tiny little neighborhood nestled in between Venice and Culver City. What used to be pretty desolate now has a few corners of super legit food and shopping options. Being a quick 5 minute drive or 10 minute bike ride from our house has made Mar Vista a frequent stop!

Special shout out to my boy Bart of @danzigbros who makes a cameo in this post!

Watson with pink and purple wall in Mar Vista | Watson & Walls


  • Farmer's Market - soooo I know I live in Venice, but I swear by the Mar Vista farmers market! From the kimchee lady to the Sriracha beef dumplings, this is the best market on the westside IMHO (unless you want to see celebs at the Arizona Santa Monica one). [dog friendly-ish! You’ll need to leave your dog at the watching tent, and they need to behave well ;)]

  • Mar Vista Art Dept - I wish I could live in this space (in a non creepy way!). The front of Mar Vista Art Dept. is a beautiful store, with home goods & clothes from artisans around LA. In the back they've got a space to host events and classes. We've attended cement planter & macrame classes, as well as their first ever clothing swap, and all were amazing. Good vibes only! [dog friendly]

  • Bowlero - upscale bowling with a gorgeous bar inside? Count us in! (PS: plan to spend money here, it’s a bit pricey!)

  • Bikerowave - if you’re ever in need of help with your bike, Bikerowave is your spot! This is a bike co-op, so everyone who works there is a volunteer, and all you pay for are the parts you need. [dog friendly]

  • Robinson Beautilities - this is the go-to costume shop on the westside! It’s honestly a bit overwhelming, but you’ve got everything from costumes to buy, costumes to rent, vintage clothes (like marching band outfits and flapper dresses!), wigs, makeup and accessories. It’s fun to just take a peek in here honestly.
  • LA Brakeless - backing up from Bikerowave, if you NEED a bike or bike accessories, highly recommend LA Brakeless! We wander in here every time we're at the farmer's market because it's so fabulous. They have really bright grip tape and bike accessories! [dog friendly]
  • The Dog Bakery - you can't miss a chance to get custom dog cakes!! Definitely stop here for all your pup's needs, from food to toys to leashes. They run adoption events too, so be forewarned you might come home with another dog! [dog friendly]
  • Go on a mural crawl! DUH. Use the Google My Maps map below to find all of the murals we have! [dog friendly]
Watson by a Pink Wall in Mar Vista Los Angeles | Watson & Walls


  • Little Fatty - praise the fluffy lords for Little Fatty. Superb Vietnamese food with a twist - I’m talking kung pao cauliflower and delicious scallion pancakes. Plus they’re on Uber Eats (although we much prefer the food when we eat in)!!
  • The Mar Vista - the namesake of the neighborhood! This place is still relatively new, but is almost always busy. They serve pretty traditional upscale American fare, so expect to pay a bit, but it’s for tasty food. My go-to is the broccoli cauliflower salad (you get a LOT of food, trust me). AND THEY LET DOGS INSIDE!! [dog friendly]

  • Rutt's Cafe - right on the border of Mar Vista, we love Rutt’s when we’re craving Hawaiian. They’ve got all the right staples - spam musubi! - at can be carried out or eaten in.

  • Mitsuwa - okay so technically this is a Japanese market (grocery store lite), but they’ve got an area outside the store aisles where they serve ramen and other Japanese meals. We go here A LOT, it’s a great way to get into cooking Japanese / Asian food at home!

  • Grand View Market - you can't go wrong at this delicious tiny grocery store! All of the best crackers, cheese and meat, with a sandwich bar and large rose selection. After you hit the farmer's market, grab everything else for a picnic here!

Watson in Alana's Coffee in Mar Vista | Watson & Walls


  • Venice Grind - WHEN you’re at the Farmer’s Market (which you should be!), Venice Grind is right around the corner. The coffee is excellent and the vibes are really relaxed. They have an array of fun stamps that they use on each of their coffee cups, so the icon will change every time you go! Great place to work too.
  • Alana's - if I were to design a coffee shop in our house, it would look like Alana’s. Beautiful tile, gorgeous wood paneling on the outside, adorable tables with umbrellas. I will admit though, not my faveee coffee, but adding hemp milk makes it a delicious latte ;). Oh and dogs are allowed INSIDE! [dog friendly]

  • Accomplice - dranks on dranks!! The only real “bar” in this area is Accomplice, which is attached to Little Fatty (see “TO EAT”). Delicious cocktails with an option for Little Fatty add on, in a cozy environment.

Google My Maps:

Use this map to go on a wall crawl of your own!

All of the murals are in dark pink, shops are in purple, places to drink are in teal and place to eat are in blue.

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