Nashville Travel Guide | Watson and Walls

Music city! The #1 bachelorette destination and home to a ton of murals. Nashville has a lot to offer for families, college kids and live music lovers.


Watson with an avocado backdrop Nashville, TN | Watson & Walls

What a magical city Nashville is. It's got a great mix of downtown life with cute up-and-coming neighborhoods surrounding the main area. We were told it's the city that has grown the most in the past year, and I totally see why! It's got a lot to offer for families, young and old, and with 3 colleges right in the area it's great for college and post-college life too. Even though it was pretty rainy during our trip, I still loved to get to know this town.

I'm so sad that I only got to be in Nashville for 3 days, so I missed out on saying hi to my buddies @chessonchairs and @mavericksandmurals and seeing a ton of live music! I will definitely be back to add to this list though :)

Watson on the Delta flight to Nashville, TN | Watson & Walls


All you need to do is:

  • Make sure you have a good airline carrier (we use this one from Sleepypod and could not recommend this carrier more)

  • Get a nice piece of luggage that's comfortable to travel with as well, it'll make traveling with a pup easier. I swear by Away - just ordered myself the new Rashida Jones teal! - because Watson hooks right onto the handles and I can roll him flat (plus it fits all my stuffs, and I pack a lot of stuffs).

  • Call your airline beforehand and add a pet to your reservation. All airline fees are different, Southwest is the cheapest at $95.

  • Arrange pet friendly lodging beforehand! Airbnb is a favorite option of ours, but the Kimpton hotels are all dog friendly (that's where we stayed in Santa Barbara last) and Omni hotels are too. On this particular trip Airbnb was a spectacular deal, where we got an enormous 4 bedroom 3 bath house for $350/night total, that was a 5 minute Lyft everywhere.

  • Wear your dog out before you head to the airport! We normally play in the yard and go for a really long walk, I shoot for an hour if I can spare it. Play date is the best.

  • Bring treats with you and hand them liberally to your dog before, during and after the flight 😉

  • Watson looOooooOoves bully sticks, so I also pop one of those in his Sleepypod for the trip. He normally carries a toy in with him too!

Total cost: $250 for his roundtrip Delta flight and a lifetime of memories

Watson with Nathan Brown the mural artist at Five Points Pizza in Nashville, TN | Watson & Walls


Watson with Chris Zidek and his newly painted, one of the murals that's part of the new Google Fiber initiative in Nashville, TN | Watson & Walls


  • Rolf & Daughters: hip new restaurant in Germantown that is one of those places where each course that comes out is better than the last. I will forever be dreaming of their sourdough pasta!

  • Five Points Pizza: now this pizza is the good stuff! LA sadly does not have pizza this good. This is your traditional thin slice in a wood roasted oven deliciousness. Really good selection of toppings too! You can sit down and eat in the restaurant or hang at the takeaway side for a slice to go.

  • Mockingbird: we ordered one of everything off the menu here, no over exaggeration. Including all the a la carte desserts that weren't milkshakes. Everything was splendid, especially the mac & cheese and tatchos (tater tot nachos - you are welcome).

  • Biscuit Love: okay I know it's going to start sounding like "everything was the best" in Nashville, but Biscuit Love was one of the most bomb diggity brunches ever. It's an interesting scenario where you stand in line to order for quite some time, but the second you sit down your food comes! Highly recommend the bonuts and the East Nasty.

  • The Cafe at Thistle Farms: not only is the food great here, but what an incredible story. It was founded as a soap company by Becca Steven, an outspoken advocate for women after a traumatic abusing upbringing. Thistle Farms' the mission is to HEAL, EMPOWER, AND EMPLOY women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. To do that, they employ women from those circumstances and provide them with shelter and assistance to get back on their feet.

  • Little Octopus: so we didn't actually eat here, but one of our artists Chris Zidek has a mural inside, and the whole mural team was raving about their food.

  • Whiskey Kitchen: another one of those places we didn't get to eat at but have heard great things about. Since we were doing a mural on the side of their building, we saw how many people go in and out per day - and it was a lot. The M Street group owns and operates a lot of restaurants in the area, and I'm told you can't go wrong with any of them.

  • Potbelly: I know what you're thinking, but hear me out. This midwestern girl misses Potbelly out on the west coast! I pretty much NEED it whenever I can get it. Really a much higher quality fast food sub than Subway, Jersey Mike's, Jimmy John's and even my beloved Quiznos.

Latte from Milk & Honey with neon mani Nashville, TN | Watson & Walls


  • Coffee Shops: because I was there for work, most of the places I "drank" were coffee shops :)

    • Bongo Java: cute cafe with board games to play and a nice, spacious atmosphere. We parked it here for an hour or so, working and drinking tea. Seemed like a chill spot to hang!

    • Milk & Honey: what an adorable restaurant with the cutest decor! From the font to the tile to the pastries, every detail of this place is just lovely. We only grabbed coffee & pastries but they had a restaurant too. Also the large leaf Ian Ross and pattern Jason Woodside murals are right across the street from here!

    • Frothy Monkey: this coffee shop that's a staple in Nashville, especially the up and coming 12S area. There are a few located all around the city so you can enjoy in several neighborhoods. We didn't get to eat here, but apparently the breakfast and brunch are pretty scrumptious.

    • Barista Parlor: we weren't conveniently located near any of these, but Barista Parlor is the other Nashville coffee chain that everyone talks about.

  • Bars:

    • Exit / In: sadly Exit / In is the only true bar / music venue we went to, but boy was it fun! You can actually get drinks pretty quickly in Nashville, quite a treat for this LA pooch. The acoustics were really good and even in the back

    • Tootsies: very famous bar at the top of every Nashville list. Tons of movies have been filmed here and it's iconic. Definitely worth the stop!

    • Up Rooftop Bar: in the Gulch area that we loved so much, this bar boasts a rooftop with an epic skyline. It was *kind of* cold for us LA folk (haha) but this usually a nice spot to hang.